“Happy” Tel-Aviv Style

Another upbeat music video – “Happy” Tel-Aviv style. One of the things that help us survive and thrive in Israel is our upbeat outlook on life. Enjoy!


Another Great Music Video to Keep the Unity Going

Here is another great music video with the purpose to keep the Jewish unity going strong….

Great New Song to Lift Your Spirits

I saw this on Facebook (thanks Rafi) and I thought I would share it with everyone. As I wrote, this makes you cry and smile at the same time, which sums up Jewish life in Israel.


A New Take on Ha”Tikvah”

The Fountainheads have a new video out for Yom HaAtzmaut – Israeli Independence Day:

Breaking Free

To celebrate my finishing the Pesach cleaning, (kashering tomorrow and cooking Sunday and Monday) I thought I would share this video by the Fountainheads. Enjoy!

Yom Yavoh….The Day is Coming

Latma prepared a special song about the future – when building in Yehuda and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) is not condemned but accepted as our right. This version has English subtitles, with the comic section before the song. Enjoy!


This Song Made My Day

I came across this song on Facebook and needed to share it. The title is “Ani Yehudi” and the lyrics are simple and sweet and uplifting. To paraphrase “I’m Jewish – not better or worse than anyone else – just Jewish.” It shows the diversity of Jews all over the world and especially in Israel, and encourages our feelings of unity. Enjoy!

Ani Yehudi


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