First Things First

The finals of the JIB Awards have started, and before you go to vote for anyone else, you have to do one thing. Most people reading my blog like Jewish blogs, and the person who has done the most to promote Jewish blogs is Soccerdad, who started the Jewish blog carnival called Havel-Havalim. He (or better, Havel-Havalim itself) is up for the best contribution. Click on the link, then click on the lower right hand corner where it says “…contribution….”, and vote. You’ll be glad you did!

Then there is Ezzie of Serandez, who keeps everyone together by linking, and linking, and then linking some more. I personally voted  for him here (click on the link, go down to Best of Rest and click there to vote).

I hope to have some time to go through the individual posts and make some recommendations. I am up for Best Overall Post, after having the temerity to nominate myself, and I hope you go over and vote for me, although there is some very tough competition. I think the best post category is the fairest in the end, because it pits a specific piece of writing (or series) against another specific piece of writing.

 Happy voting!


Best Post Awards

The voting for the JIB Awards has finished its first round – except for the Best Post Awards. The Overall Best Post category had the most entries. I went through them all (believe it or not) and here are my picks:

For Category A, Yourish’s Hamas Propaganda. For Category B, Remembering Rachel, which I found extremely moving. I am of course biased, but I thought my post On Holocaust Remembrance Day, M16s, and a New Respect for Veterans, was the best of the Category C offerings. What Judaism Is About gets my vote in Category D. Irina writes a beautiful post, Preamble to the Rest of My Life in Category E. DAG writes movingly about his loss in I Still Love You More Than Life Itself, which gets my nod in Category F.

The point of the JIB Awards is to expose people to new blogs. Just reading this award category alone has my favorites box bursting at the seams – and I haven’t even started with the specialized categories.

Go ahead and take a look. You’ll enjoy!

Links and Things

I can’t think of a more appropriate blog to host the Kosher Cooking Carnival than someone who calls herself ABaleboosteh. Everything looks great in this edition….

It may have been delayed, but it was worth the wait! Havel-Havalim hosted by Soccerdad, that is. And speaking of Soccerdad, he is up for a number of blog awards at the JIBs, but the one he wants most of all is the Best Contribution, for none other than Havel-Havalim. He’s got my vote for that one, for sure! Why don’t you take a minute and go over and vote too….

There Is A Lot Going On In The Jewish Blogosphere

There is a lot going on in the Jewish blogosphere. First, Rafi of LifeinIsrael has hosted this week’s Havel-Havalim, which is a double edition because of Purim coming out on Sunday this year.

Next, the JIB’s (Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards) are progressing nicely. There are fixed dates and finalized categories. Curious? Go on over to the official blog and catch up.

Baleboosteh is hosting the next Kosher Cooking Carnival, and Batya has taken on the next JPix .

Now my only problem is deciding what to read first!