The Israeli Flag on the Moon?

There is a non-profit organization in Israel called SpaceIL that wants to launch a spacecraft and land it on the moon. Part of the motivation to do this is the challenge itself, and part of the motivation is to stimulate a love for science in Israeli kids. The scientific innovations that come from this kind of research are also valuable.

I am not sure how successful they will be in the end, but if they improve science learning in Israeli schools this will be a major achievement. Compared to what I remember from my school days in the US (I know, ancient history….) the study of science here is nothing short of dismal. Elementary school kids are hardly exposed to science, which should be a fascinating subjet for them. The high school matriculation does not require a science course, so most students don’t learn it. I find this mind boggling in a country where technological advances in both the army and the hi-tech industry are so important.