Third Iron Dome System Operational in Northern Israel

The IDF has set up the third Iron Dome battery in the northern part of Israel.  The other two were set up within the past few weeks. This is a sign that Israel expects rocket fire coming from the north – either from Hizbollah in Lebanon or from either Assad or the rebels in Syria – or perhaps even both.

This comes in a addition to the anouncement that President Obama will (finally) come to visit Israel next month. He is coming supposedly to further peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians (good luck with that….) but I think he will be speaking more about the problems in Iran and Syria.

The fact that Ahmadinejad is visiting Egypt now – the first time an Iranian leader has done this in three decades – is a warning sign too. For those of you not familiar with history, the sliver of land called Israel has been in the middle of wars between the ruling powers around Egypt in the southwest and Syria in the northeast for centuries. The players change frequently but the fight for supremacy is the same. The fact tha Iran has backed Assad in Syria has made it in conflict with Egypt – but perhaps now that there is a new ruler in Egypt Iran wants to warm up relations.

In any case the IDF is making preparations for the next round.

Beware of Those Provocative Houses

The American State Department is joining some in the European Union to censure Israel.

Have we used chemical weapons to harm our own citizens? (Of course not).

Did we give our army the ability to arrest civilians (in other words,  declaring martial law)? (Of course not).

Have we threatened to wipe another country off the map using nuclear weapons? (Of course not).

Then what have we done?

We’ve declared that we are going to build the deadly Israeli house!

I don’t know how anyone in Washington can take themselves seriously when they make these statements.

Terrorist Who Planted Bomb On Bus in Tel Aviv is Caught

The terrorist who planted the bomb on the bus that blew up in Tel Aviv on Wednesday was caught just hours afterwards. The Shin Bet, Israeli police and the IDF worked together and found the man as he was trying to cross a checkpoint. The man is an Arab that previously lived in Yehuda and Shomron (Judea and Samaria), but was allowed to receive an Israeli identity card due to the “family unification law”. This law, which the right opposes and the left promoted, says that Arabs from Yehuda and Shomron can go to live in the pre-1967 borders of Israel if he or she marries someone who lives there, and they receive an identity card which lets them travel within Israel without being stopped.

The right opposes the law precisely for this reason. There is always a fear that someone like the terrorist will use the identity card to travel freely and will carry out a terrorist attack. I wonder if after the next election we can have the law changed back.