How to Vote in Israel

My last post was about getting out the vote, and I came across this blog post with practical information about how to vote (polling places, procedures, etc.). Thanks to Rafi at LifeinIsrael for the link.

Meanwhile, why don’t you enjoy the second video about the “complaint police”. This time he appears in the coffee shop….interrupting the hipsters who have just come back from Berlin (of all places) and are of course, complaining….


Getting Out the Vote – With Jewish Humor

This is a great advertisement for getting out the vote here in Israel. An Israeli taxi driver is giving his vocal opinion about what is wrong in the country and is stopped by the “complaint police”. It seems that anyone who doesn’t vote is not allowed to complains for the next four years….. What I like best about it is that the ad is sponsored by the Knesset!


The Disappearing Israeli Left

Political satire done well is a work of art. In Israel noone does it better than Latma.

Now that it is not popular to be left wing (a recent Israeli poll shows that over 50% of Israelis consider themselves right wing, and only about a quarter consider themselves left wing) many Israeli political parties are trying to pass themselves off as mercaz – “central” – even though they have not changed their views.

To point out this absurdity Latma has done a number of sketches about other places where the left has disappeared….