Family Update – Both the Nuclear Family and All of Israel

A short update on what is happening with our family.

My son was transferred to what in Hebrew is called “maatzar patuach” in the Tel HaShomer army base, until the court decides if and how much time he needs to spend in military prison before he starts his regular army service. This means that he has to stay in the base and can only go out when he gets official leave, which for the past 6 weeks has been every few weeks for Shabbat.

His wife can visit him by standing at the gate of the base, but she does not have official permission to enter the base to see him. As you can imagine this situation is not ideal for a newly married couple, but they are both dealing with it as best they can. We are hoping that the military court will finally come to a decision so that even if he needs to do some prison time we will know when it ends.

As far as the security situation, when we are home in our yishuv things are very quiet, but when we are at work we are like everyone else in Tel Aviv – periodic sirens where we need to go to the miklat (in my case an inner stairwell in our office). In general people are feeling secure since the Kipat Barzel system is shooting down the bombs before they fall, but there is still a danger from the shrapnel that falls to earth after the bomb is destroyed, so being in an open space is scary. The sound of the sirens themselves is also frightening.

There is a general increase in anxiety though. After a siren in a specific place the phone system goes into overdrive because everyone needs to call their family to make sure everyone is ok. Watsup is my tool of choice for this.

Many people have soldiers in their family who have been called up and will be going into Gaza when there is a ground invasion.

As usual we react to the stress with a lot of black humor, increased prayer, and the repeating cycle of obssessing with the news/Facebook and then taking a news fast when it gets to be too much. Working full time happens to be a positive thing – the work still has to get done, no matter what is going on outside, so people can’t obssess too much.

We should only hear good news!!!


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  1. Sarah
    Jul 11, 2014 @ 15:01:25

    Amen! Be safe, be well, and have a safe and peaceful Shabbat!

  2. Batsheva Goldman
    Jul 21, 2014 @ 22:23:02

    Hi Rachel,
    I tried to reach you through Ruthie Eastman, but we couldn’t so I’ll just post my email here!

    Hi Rachel,
    My name is Batsheva Goldman and we spoke a while back in 2012 when my son was in Tzanchanim and they were preparing to go into Gaza.

    We have a website that collects names of chayalim (first names and mother’s
    name) and shares that with people around the world who want to do something
    for the chayalim. The participants pray, learn, do a mitzvah, tzedaka, etc.
    in the zchut of “their” soldier.

    So far we have over 40,000 people from all over the world (mamesh –
    Iceland, Nigeria, Ukraine, Uganda…and the usual places) who have signed up.

    WE NEED SOLDIER NAMES. My husband went down to the Gaza border 3 times last
    week and is planning on going again tomorrow to sign up chayalim with
    clipboards and pens. It would be amazing if families could sign up their
    children as well.

    Can you find Hebrew (and / or English) websites to post this website on?
    The site has a Hebrew side that explains everything.

    Please let me know where else I can go to post this.
    Thanks a lot,

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