Between Two and Four Mandates Lost to the Right Due to Small Sectorial Parties

Those of you who voted for the “small”, or should I say non-existent parties on the right (Otzmat Yisrael, Amsalem, Amnon Yitzchak) lost us between two and four mandates, so now the left and right sides of the political spectrum are even in terms of mandates in the Knesset. This came from pure hubris – thinking that it was all in the bag and you could vote for your small “boutique” party. After all, Bibi was going to win anyway, right?

So you were only partially right. Bibi won anyway, but now he has to give even more to Lapid (Yesh Atid) than he would have if you had just voted for Likud.

Enough with the small party dreams. The only way to really make a difference is to vote for the party that will definitely be in the next government – and work from within to lobby for your issues.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mamashtaka
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 23:06:31

    I voted for HaBayit HaYehudi – I would not vote for a party led by Netanyahu again. You say “work from within to lobby for your issues,” but that’s not possible with this man. He’s a maverick – he does what he wants, when he wants to do it. He’s the one who threw Feiglin under the bus before the last election (and would have done it again, if he’d been able to get away with it), and the one who froze construction on my yishuv, and the one who manipulated that disasterous merger with Liberman. I was fooled into voting for Likud last time, and I’m glad I didn’t fall for it again.

  2. westbankmama
    Jan 24, 2013 @ 14:34:42

    We’ll see how much power Bayit Yehudi ends up with. Right now Bibi can make a coalition without it.

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