Another Reason to Vote Likud

Bibi Netanyahu appointed Moshe Kahlon as the new head of the Israeli Lands Authority last night. This former Likud Knesset member was in charge of breaking the monopoly of the cell phone companies, and he was responsible for lowering everyone’s cell phone bill.

This was a brilliant political move just two days before the elections, since Kahlon is hugely popular, and everyone in Israel agrees that the price of housing is a major problem here. The theory is that if the government sells off state land for development, the overall prices will go down.

The left wing parties have recognized this brilliant political move and cried foul, claiming that it is electioneering at the last minute and is illegal. (There was a question about whether they news outlets could cover the press conference announcing this appointment – and in the end it was decided that it could not be covered). So spreading the word is being done by the social media and the internet.



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