The Second Zionist Revolution – Im Tirzu Leads the Way

Im Tirzu, the pro-Zionist movement, has published a booklet called “The Guide to the Zionist Revolutionary”. This guide is only in Hebrew, as the organization is mainly geared towards young Israelis, especially those in college and university.

The guide states that it is time for a second Zionist revolution. The first returned Jews from the Diaspora to its homeland and rejuvenated the holy language of Hebrew. The second Zionist revolution’s goal is to return the Jewish nation to the original Jewish culture and values. These values have been undermined by the post-Zionist culture in Israel and it is time to turn it around.

The booklet covers a wide array of topics and suggests a number of actions. Some major points include:

“Don’t be afraid to demand academic pluralism!” This means that in the twisted academic culture that exists in Israel today, the pro-Arab point of view is usually the only one being voiced, and it is incumbent on the students to fight back.

“Join the culture war” It is time to push back at the post-Zionist culture in Israel, not by demanding censorship, but by putting forth something pro-Zionist.

“Bring Zionist ideas to the schools” The booklet suggests volunteering in schools to bring Zionism back to education.

I urge those of you who can read Hebrew to read the booklet. I found it inspiring.


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