Pointing Fingers and Ignoring the Obvious Solution

The terrible tragedy in Connecticut this past weekend when an armed crazy shot and killed both teachers and kindergarden kids will of course raise the issue of gun control in America. Both sides will argue back and forth about this topic – and ignore the very practical solution right in front of them.

In Israel, there is a law requiring every school with more than 100 students to have a fence around it and an armed guard at the gate. The guard eyeballs everyone coming in, and in most cases uses a wand to check the men for weapons. (They don’t check the women, because in 99.99% of the cases the men are the ones who carry out attacks, and Israelis use common sense and are not afraid to profile…) This law was passed after the Maalot terrorist incident in 1974 when terrorists took school children hostage and killed them when the IDF stormed the building.

It is such a hard and fast rule here, that if a school has a problem with obtaining a guard, the parents association will instruct parents not to send their kids to school until the problem is taken care of and a guard is on duty.

Why don’t they do this in America? Go figure. It is a tragic joke, but I think people are more hysterical about someone bringing peanuts into school than guns.

Is it a failure of imagination? I would agree – before the first school shooting. After that this excuse doesn’t cut it. Do you know that there have been so many that you can Google and get a “list of the top ten deadliest school shootings?”

Is it a financial problem? Probably. On the other hand, with all of the government money going for stupid things, why isn’t this a priority? If they can spend millions on “green energy” companies that go bankrupt, why can’t they spend money to build fences for schools, and hire guards? I am sure there are quite a few unemployed people who would appreciate a steady job.

There has to be a switch in thinking – and the pressure has to come from the people. Parents across America have to organize and protest until this is done – because all of the gun control in the world will not guarantee that a crazy will not get access to a gun illegally and use it against your kids.


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