Likud Primaries – Recommendations from Achdut v’Emunah

I received the following email from Achdut v’Emunah with their recommendations for voting in the Likud primaries this coming Sunday. Some of the information is specifically for those who live in Jerusalem, although Likud members can vote in any primary polling place.

(This is  intended for Likud members who can vote now in the Likud primaries but if  you are not yet a Likud member, this is how it works and we hope that next time  you will indeed be able to vote)
The Likud  will be holding party primaries on November 25, this  coming Sunday.
The main  polling station in the Jerusalem District will be situated  inside Binyanei HaUma Convention Center, located near the entrance to  Jerusalem from the T.A. Highway, and across the street from  the Central Bus Station of Jerusalem. There is also a polling station  in Ma’ale Adumim at Olam Hechatzer on 1Kikar Yahalom Street. Likud members who  are eligible to vote in these primaries may however cast their vote at any  polling station regardless of where they live.
Voting  hours are from 9:00am until 10:00pm. Please  remember to bring proper ID with you to the polling  station.
We believe it is very important to re-elect  as many ideological MK’s as we  possibly can.
You must cast your vote for 12 candidates on the  national list (not more and NOT less) and additionally, you must vote for a single candidate for the Jerusalem District .
The following MK’s will get re-elected even  without your vote, so voting for them is really a waste of your vote.
Yariv Levin
Ruby Rivlin
Sylvan Shalom
Ayoub Kara
Zev Elkin
Yisrael Katz
Gideon Saar
Yuval Steinitz
Chaim Katz
Yuli Edelstein
You must vote for  exactly 12  people  in order that your vote be counted !
Our recommendation is to vote for the following  list of 12 names:
The   Mattot Arim organization (for those familiar with it)  has come out in favor of their voting records. They all deserve to be in the  Knesset.
(For the record, Feiglin will not be  supporting any of these people on election day.Go figure where the ideology  disappeared.)
Ofir Akounis #107
Gabi Avital #101
Gilad Erdan #108
Ariel Bulshtein #110 (olim slot –  young man who is very  idealistic)
Gila Gamliel #118
Avi Dichter #119
Danny Danon #121
Tzipy Hotovely #124
Boogey Ya’alon #128
Leah Ness #140
Tzion Pinian #145
Miri Regev #149
Optional: In the woman’s slot there is  a tight race between Keti Shitreet (#155) and Keren Barak(#115). If you want to give consideration to an additional candidate then Keti is the  better choice even though she did not come out against the disengagement. Remember that you only vote for 12 candidates  total for the national list. Keti can be substituted for one of the  above 12 choices.
In  addition to the above twelve choices for the national list, there  is the race for  the Jerusalem district and  here we recommend that you vote for Yair Gabai #325 .Please take note that he is the only ideological candidate  running in the Jerusalem slot that has a chance of winning .
Yair Gabai is a G-d fearing man, sits on the  Jerusalem City Council and is a board member of the Begin Center. Please vote  for him on Sunday.He really needs your support. You must vote in this race if you want all  your votes to be counted.
Achdut  VeEmuna
Fred  Moncharsh and Danny Gottlieb

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lizzie Rubin
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 14:58:04

    Trying to find out where there are other polling stations in J-m. Do you know where they r?

  2. westbankmama
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 15:41:02

    I don’t know where the other places are. I suggest you go on Facebook to the Achdut v’Emunah page and ask. Perhaps Danny Gottleib will be able to answer you.

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