Update – Pillar of Defense November 20

3:24 pm: Sirens sounding again in the communities close to the Gaza border.

3:15 pm: Sirens sounding in areas around Gaza. Reshet Bet (Radio 2) is trying to lift morale by playing upbeat Israeli songs, and they keep getting interrupted by warnings of rockets falling. The radio host has said that this has been the most surreal broadcast he has ever done.

3:07 pm: The IAF is conducting a major attack on Gaza now, destroying rocket storage sites.

2:51 pm: Sirens again in Jerusalem.

2:38 pm: A person is seriously injured in the Eshkol region. Sirens sounding now in areas around Gaza, Ofakim.

2:23 pm: Sirens sounded in Jerusalem and in our yishuv northwest of Jerusalem. I went directly to my safe room and waited the requisite 10 minutes. A rocket fell in an open area not in Jerusalem. It seems that the rocket fell in the Gush Etzion region.

1:05 pm: Rocket hits a building in Sderot.

12:53 pm: Sirens sounding in Netivot.

12:41 pm: Sirens sounding in areas very close to Gaza, including Sderot.

The southern cities in Israel had a very hard night with many rockets landing. This morning the rocket barrage continued, with Beersheba receiving the brunt of the rocket attacks. An army officer in a base near the Gaza border was injured by shrapnel and taken to a hospital. In addition, a person tried to force his way into the American Embassy in Tel Aviv and was overpowered. The incident is being investigated.

The IAF is attacking many Hamas positions in Gaza, aiming at Hamas operatives.

There is still talk of a cease fire agreement, but no hard news. The IDF is poised to go for a ground offensive, but has not received the order yet.


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