Update Pillar of Defense – November 19

1:12 pm: Sirens in Ashkelon, Ofakim

12:51 pm: Sirens sounding in Sderot.

12:36 pm: Rockets falling now in Ashdod.

11:31 am: Sirens in Eshkol region. Rocket falls near Beersheba.

11:14 am: Siren in Ofakim.

Israel not only calls up reserve soldiers, but they have called up reserve firefighters too. These firefighters work to not only deal with fires that start because of the rockets, but they also get rid of the pieces of rockets stuck in the roads, houses, etc. Some of these firefighters have been hurt recently.

11:00 am: A rocket fell onto a school in Ashkelon. Thank G-d there were no injuries as the school is closed. Sirens are sounding in the Eshkol region. Rockets fired at Ofakim, no injuries.

10:33 am: Sirens in Ashkelon, Zikim, Shapir, Beer Tuvia

9:26 am: Sirens in Eshkol and Sdot Negev.

8:40 am: Sirens in Sdot Negev.

8:06 am: Explosions reported in Eilat. No injuries reported. (Last night rockets were fired toward Eilat but landed in open areas).

7:49 am: Sirens sounding in Ashkelon area.

7:27 am: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol region.

7:00 am: Rockets hit the Eshkol region, no injuries.

The southern part of Israel had a relatively quiet night – from midnight to 6:00 am no rockets were fired. The IAF continued to hit terrorist targets in Gaza overnight.


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