Will the IDF Start A Ground Operation?

Right now the IAF (Israel Air Force) is continuing to hit targets in Gaza, trying to destroy as many rockets and ammunition dumps as possible. In between they are hitting the houses of Hamas members (who are never there – they are hiding in bunkers). Perhaps this is a way of putting psychological pressure on Hamas – in effect saying “we know where you live, and can get you at any time if we want.”

The big question now of course is whether the IDF will go in and start a ground operation. This decision depends on a lot of factors, and of course the military and political analysts are weighing in with their opinions (and in some cases, spin).

Ron ben Yishai of Ynetnews.com explains things pretty well. He points out the variables and the fact that Israel and the world will be looking at how Egypt will react and if they will be able to negotiate a real truce with Hamas. Yaakov Lappin of the Jerusalem Post states the facts in a clear way – but he states that the IAF has already taken out most of the long range Fajr rockets – a fact tha I find puzzling. How does this piece of information get out to the press – past the military censor? (yes, in Israel there is a military censor, something that America could use!). Is it really accurate, or just another way of goading Hamas into showing its hand?

Not only is Israel filled with military experts – but it is filled with many chess experts – both literally and figuratively. Anyone who follows our convoluted political process can see this. So what is discussed in public can be seen as the truth, but the question always needs to be asked “why is this piece of information being released”?


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