The City of the Bubble Takes a Hit

The sirens went off and an explosion was heard in Tel Aviv (no injuries reported so far), known to be the capital of the left wing in Israel. My husband was on his way home from work and needed to get out of the car and lie down on the ground (this is what you do if you find yourself outside during a rocket attack).

I still remember when we on the right warned the communities around Gaza that if the country expelled the Jews from Gush Katif they would get rockets fired at them. They laughed at us and said we were paranoid.

During the subsequent wars (War in Lebanon 2 and the operation in Gaza four years ago) there were many left wingers who had more sympathy for the terrorists in Gaza then they did for our soldiers.

Now the rockets have reached all the way to Tel Aviv. It will be very interesting to see how the left wingers react now.


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