Killed in the Line of Duty

The Ravshatz (an Israeli acronym for the person in charge of security) of Sharei Tikva was run over by a car carrying Arabs trying to enter Israel illegally in order to work. The person in charge saw this and tried to document what was happening. The driver of the car ran him over and killed him (his name has not been released yet, although most people in the area know who he is.)

This is tragic on a number of levels. First, he leaves a wife and three children. Second, this incident was “just waiting to happen”. There are local and regional meetings on a regular basis between the army and the security heads of the yishuvim. Our Ravshatz said that he was in a meeting not long ago where they warned the army about this particular place and how dangerous it is. The Arabs wait along a very busy road (I pass this road every day on my way to work) for cars to pick them up. This road is only about five minutes drive from Rosh HaAyin – 10 from Petach Tikvah. It is very tempting, therefore, for Israelis using illegal workers to pick them up there and speed away. This is what happened today.

The most tragic part of it all is that it all comes down to Israelis wanting cheap labor. Instead of using Jewish workers, contractors use Arabs. When we built our house Amana (the housing contractor that builds in Judea and Samaria) used Arab labor, which drove us nuts. We had no choice though. But when we put in our kitchen, we used a Jewish carpenter and we bought our granite countertops from a place in Petach Tikva. I remember some of my neighbors chiding us that we paid way too much. I responded that I was proud of paying more money to other Jews, and that it was better to help another Jew make a living than to think that my money was being used to buy bullets for terrorists. I would much rather help a fellow Jew pay his mortgage in Israel than help an Arab pay his.

Tragic days like this one remind me that we made the right decision.


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