Silverstein Gets Taken in Again….

Well, this was entertaining, I have to say. Ynet is reporting that blogger Richard Silverstein has received a – supposedly – top secret attack plan by the IDF, detailing how they would attack Iran.

As if someone with this kind of sensitive information would actually leak it to a …blogger, especially one who has been fooled in the past.  (Make sure to read the whole post – it is hilarious.)

There is a lot of stuff in the papers now about the possibility of Israel attacking Iran soon, as I have written a number of times this week. Whether it is to prepare the Israeli public for an upcoming war, or if it is to put some psychological pressure on Obama to support Israel and have America do the attack, or if it is to put pressure on Iran, or all three – the chance that the exact details about an Israeli attack being leaked is very small.

Come on people, this is Israel we are talking about – not America. We live in a very tiny country (geographically speaking, of course). Someone with the kind of security clearance needed for this kind of information is intelligent enough to know that there is no safe place to hide in Israel if our enemies attack with nuclear weapons, and would not compromise our plans for taking out those weapons. Second, anyone getting caught leaking this kind of stuff will go to jail for a long time.

Someone is pulling Silverstein’s leg – big time.

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