More Signs of Impending Attack on Iran

There is one more sign that there will be an attack on Iran soon. Avi Dichter, former Shin Bet head, has been appointed the Minister in charge of Home Front Command.

Dichter was part of the Kadima party, and has quit, so that he could join the government. He will not be officially associated with a specific political party. This appointment comes during the summer recess of the Knesset. I don’t think it would have happened at this point if the post weren’t considered crucial.

In addition, the IDF general command is now warning Hezbollah not to get overconfident about attacking us from Lebanon, and that they will “pay a painful price”. Again, this type of statement being made so publicly is a sign of the Israeli government getting us ready psychologically for the coming war.

Most of my American readers may not know that there is a military censor here in Israel that takes its job very seriously. If there is a security reason not to publicize something it does not get into the news. Conversely, if the papers are full of one type of news, it is a sign that the military does not object. Having a high ranking official from the IDF come out with a statement for the media is never a casual thing.


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  1. Avi
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 18:52:59

    I enjoy reading your posts which are based on your reasonable conclusions drawn from events taking place around you. Your approach is a welcomed breath of fresh air compared to other bloggers who engage in total fear mongering. If only they understood that negativity and dire predictions only fuel despair which can not and will not bring the geulah!

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