Getting Ready

Update: In addition to the other steps taken lately that indicate Israel is preparing for a war, today the Knesset expanded the Prime Minister’s powers. This means that Bibi Netanyahu can control how quickly a decision is made, and does not have to wait for the usual government procedures.

Israel is getting ready for the next war. In addition to the testing of the sirens, which I wrote about previously, the Home Front Command will be testing their warning systems using mobile telephones. Hundreds of thousands of SMS messages will be sent out to various places around Israel.

The messages will be in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian – covering most of the basic languages used here. I noticed that the list of places that will have the test does not include the  yishuvim in Yehuda and Shomron. This is probably because during the day most people are working in the cities in any case, and our sirens and public address system will be enough for those of us in the yishuvim during the day.

The IDF is also moving its stores of munitions and rations to different locations around the country, as their usual storage locations are known to the enemy at this time. The fact that they are publishing this information is more important in my mind than the activity itself. It is just another way the government is signalling that the time has come to attack Iran.

One more week of Ramadan – and one more week to the beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul – which is a time for Jews the world over to think about past deeds and do teshuva (repent any sins committed during the past year) in preparation for Rosh HaShana. If there has to be a war, this time is not bad.


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