Violently Protesting….the High Price of Homes?

“Socioeconomic” protesters turned violent last night and clashed with police. Some smashed windows of banks. 85 were arrested, although most were released this morning.

I guess you can get very worked up about the high price of real estate and cottage cheese. (this is sarcasm, for those who can’t tell)

In contrast, the people in the south endured another horrible weekend of rocket attacks from Gaza. Some rockets were downed by the Iron Dome system.  I can’t help but be amazed at the difference in attitude. The people in the south of Israel are being attacked relentlessly, and for the most part are reacting with patience.

The so-called “socioecomic” protestors are acting violently, for very little cause. (I put “socioeconomic” in quotes since most of the protestors come from either the middle or upper middle class. Daphna Leef, the leader, grew up in Herziliya Pituach, an upscale neighborhood north of Tel Aviv). There is a theory that the protest grew violent in order to garner headlines, since the protests so far have mostly been ignored. (I guess the impending attack on Iran, the slaughter in Syria, and the rocket barrages in the south seem to take precedence in the news. Go figure!)

I sincerely hope this latest stunt of theirs backfires, and people who may have come out to protest with them decide against it. It would serve them right.



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  1. shilohmuse
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 05:46:44

    The “me generation” having a temper tantrum.

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