Things Are Heating Up Again

Things are heating up again here in Israel, as the security situation matches the weather. We’ve had our first real heat wave – and unfortunately the terrorists are “warming up” too.

Two Grad rockets were fired towards the Mitzpeh Ramon area in the Negev earlier this week. This is the first time that these rockets were fired into this area.

Yesterday a terrorist killled an Israeli construction worker who was building the fence between Israel and Egypt in the Sinai. The IAF responded by bombing terrorist targets in Gaza. This afternoon ten rockets were fired in the span of an hour.

Israel is also preparing for war. There have been frequent tests of the air raid sirens in the past week or so. Today they announced on the radio that they will be testing them in Petach Tikva. They tested them in my yishuv and in the surrounding area about two weeks ago. Considering that the sirens were just recently used for both Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers) to mark the two minute silence, this shows that they are being tested for a serious reason.

The “best” time for Israel to go after Iran’s nuclear facilities would be over the summer – for both practical and political reasons. Practically, if there is a nasty reaction by our neighbors, the children will be out of school. Keeping everyone in bomb shelters is no picnic, but having the kids at home is better than concentrated in various buildings. Just the idea of a bomb hitting a school gives me the shudders. Politically, the best time to hit Iran would be now – before the American elections in November. I can’t imagine even Obama being tone deaf enough to go after Israel a few months before the voters go to the polls.


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