Hoist by Your Own….Mortar Shell?

The terrorists in Gaza are still firing rockets and mortar shells non-stop at the southern part of Israel. The Iron Dome system is destroying the Grad rockets in mid-air, thank G-d, but the mortars fired at areas right next to the Gaza strip are usually left to fall in non-populated areas.

Two mortar shells happened to fall onto trucks with supplies coming into Gaza from Israel.

“Three mortar shells hit two trucks carrying supplies into Gaza Strip on the Palestinian side of Kerem Shalom crossing. The crossing has been temporarily closed.”

 The kids are still out of school, and the adults in the south are trying to juggle working and being at home (or in shelters) with their kids.

One bright note: the government is organizing volunteers to entertain the kids in the various shelters, and they reported today on the morning news that they have more volunteers than they can handle. It seems that the actors, clowns, and singers are all willing to do their part.


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  1. Batya
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 08:03:30

    I like the irony and hate the idea that we’re suppying and supporting our enemies.

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