Southern Israel Under Rocket Attack

(For constant updates on the security situation in Israel, go here to the IDF blogger site, for explanations of what is happening, timelines, videos, and background information on the terrorists involved.)

It has been quiet for a while but this past weekend the south of Israel has come under rocket attack again. The IAF responded by targeting both terrorist cells preparing to launch more rockets and ammunition dumps in Gaza.

School has been cancelled today in the south, although adults were told they could go to work.

I find it interesting the the in the past few months the terrorists have been launching their rockets over the weekends, when school is out (Friday and Saturday is our weekend). Perhaps that means that they don’t really want to provoke another IDF operation in Gaza, but they want to “make a statement” (is Iran pushing them on this?). Israelis will be patient, up to a point, with rocket fire, but not if the kids are G-d forbid hurt.

The Iron Dome has thank G-d been working wonderfully, although people are warned that they need to be in shelters anyway, since the shrapnel falling from the sky is also very dangerous. Hopefully this latest series of attacks will end, but as of now (Sunday morning) it is still continuing.

Here is a video of the IAF bombing an ammunition dump in Gaza. You can tell that the building is full of ammunition by the secondary explosions after the initial one.


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  1. John Engelman
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 18:07:51

    Our news mwdia refuses to post the ongoing rocket attacks on Southern Israel……

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