Another Joint Drill

There will be another joint drill between United States and Israeli troops in the next coming weeks. The drill will be to test air defense systems here in Israel against incoming rockets and missiles.

A note to the Americans that sometimes complain about military aid to Israel: where would you rather the defense systems that America is developing be tested? In Israel, or in your back yard? And, G-d forbid, if these are tested “for real” – where would you prefer the bombs be blasted out of the sky? Over Tel-Aviv or over New York City?

I thought so.


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  1. Janet Kasten Friedman
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 09:36:16

    Some more questions:
    Who would Israelis prefer to see protecting us? American soldiers or Israelis?
    What is the job of the IDF? Should it include tearing down Jewish homes and shuls?
    Are settlers and hareidim the real enemies of the Jewish State, or do we perhaps have a few other dangers?
    Can we count on GIJoe to protect us against Iran?
    Why is Jonathan Pollard still in jail?

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