Israel’s Conservatives – Danny Danon

Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon is another young conservative in the party. Aged 40 and married with three children, he lives in a moshav in the Sharon coastal region of Israel.

Before his election to the present Knesset, he was known to have worked hard against Ariel Sharon’s disengagement plan from Gaza.

Danon is well known for his campaign against Arab Knesset Member Azmi Bashara, who fled the country after allegations that he aided Hizballah during the Second Lebanon War. Danon filed a petition with the Israeli Supreme Court to revoke Bashara’s Israeli citizenship.

He is a very active Knesset Member, as you can see in his blog in English. (Danon is one of the few Knesset Members who maintains a blog in English).  His latest bill proposal is one calling for a loyalty declaration to the State of Israel before receiving an identity card (which entitles one to Israel’s version of Social Security Benefits, etc.).


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