Israel’s Young Conservatives – Ofir Akunis

In a previous post I introduced the Likud Knesset Member Yariv Levin, as part of a continuing series about the young conservatives in the Likud party. This time I would like to write about Ofir Akunis, who is known lately as the person who put forth the law prohibiting groups who promote boycotts of Israel to benefit from state funds. He is also known as one of the promoters of the law against NGO’s receiving monies from foreign governments.

Akunis is deputy speaker of the house, and is another young Israeli conservative that doesn’t” fit the stereotype”. He lives in Tel Aviv and is secular. He has an extensive background in journalism and as a spokesperson for the Likud party and for Bibi Netanyahu.

You can read about him in English here. His views are both politically and fiscally conservative, and he believes in lowering taxes and breaking up monopolies. The latter two beliefs are not as common in Israel as they are in America – most Israelis, even conservative ones, believe that the government has an important role in safeguarding what is called here “the weak layers” – referring to the lower socio-economic sectors. There is a greater tolerance for high taxes and strong unions. Akunis’s viewpoints stand out, even in the Likud.

Akunis’s website (in Hebrew) is here. His Youtube channel is here – even if you don’t understand Hebrew, you can see that he holds his own when interviewed by the hostile media.


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