Ten Months of Keeping Track of Rockets, and Counting….

I started keeping track of the rockets and mortar shells fired into Israel from Gaza last January. The goal was to have a list to be used as background for when the inevitable happens – Israel goes to war in Gaza to defend itself, and the media goes into overdrive accusing us of “overreacting”, completely ignoring the events leading up to the war.

I am still keeping to that goal. Here is a summary of the rocket and mortar fire into Israel during the past ten months:

January – My first post gives a summary of January, and links to some good articles to read.

February – “Only” four days of attacks this month!

March – 11 days of attacks, including one day when 54 mortar shells were fired! I link here to a post with pictures and explanations of the shells and different rockets being fired.

April – April was a tough month, as in addition to rockets and shells fired into Israel the terrorists in Gaza fired an anti-tank missile into a school bus. One teenager is killed.

July – After a two month lull the terrorists start firing rockets again. I put up a list, and also linked to an article about the psychological trauma faced by children under fire.

August – This was a horrible month, as it was Ramadan and the terrorists decided to “celebrate” by killing as many Jews as they could, by firing rockets and a carrying out a huge terrorist attack .  The rocket fire continued throughout the month.

October – There was rocket fire from Gaza for the last three days of the month.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Keith
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 17:54:23

    This is important work, please keep it up.

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