Katyusha Rockets Fired At the North of Israel

Four katyusha rockets were fired at the northern part of Israel late last night. The exact location has not been disclosed yet. The IDF responded with fire into southern Lebanon.

I sincerely hope I do not have to start counting rockets again….especially on two fronts….


Your Knesset Members at Work

Thanks to Israel Matzav for pointing this article out, about how the NGO Mattot Arim has been keeping track of the activity of the right wing Knesset Members, and their work for promoting legislation that is good for Yehuda and Shomron (Judea and Samaria). Please note the number of Likud members on the list of the top ten.

This Was Cute…

Many thanks to LifeinIsrael for his great videos. Here is one, with a Jewish twist to the news….Occupy Shabbat!

Meet Israel’s Conservatives – Yariv Levin

Israel’s elections took place in February 2009, which means that elections will take place here again in about another year, at the latest (with our usually stormy political scene, elections are usually called earlier than every four years, although I have a feeling that this government will last out the full term).

Primaries are not always held before each party makes up its list – some of the smaller parties have committees that appoint the people who will be the next Knesset members. This is one of the reasons (but not the only one) that I do not vote for the smaller religious parties, but I vote for the Likud. (For some background read here and here )The Likud party holds primaries before every election, where its members can influence who will be the next Knesset Members. There are some “saved seats” in its list, that is true, but the majority are chosen by election. (If you are interested in joining the Likud, go here, fill out the form and send it in. Depending on how long it is before the next election you may still be allowed to vote in the next primary).

I have decided to focus some of my posts for the next few months on the Likud Knesset Members, and especially the younger ones. I would like my readers to be introduced to some of our young conservatives. Some of them fit into the stereotype of what the media likes to peg the” right winger” – religious and living in Judea and Samaria, but most of them don’t. Yariv Levin doesn’t fit the profile. He is young, does not sport a yarmulka, and lives in Modiin.

There has been a lot of activity in the Knesset lately regarding how the judicial system chooses its judges. (Contrary to the American system of checks and balances, the judicial system in Israel holds enormous power, and the left leaning judges hold on to this power indefinitely). One of the Knesset Members who is trying to change the system for the better is Yariv Levin, a young member of the Likud party.

You can read about him in English in this Wikipedia article (note the impressive number of laws that he has worked on in the Knesset) and here in his biography on the Likud site. He wrote an opinion piece in Ynetnews here after the first boycott law was proposed and the left tried to kill it in its first stages. More recently he has proposed a law giving a Knesset Constitution Law and Justice committee the right to veto Supreme Court appointees.

For those of you who understand Hebrew, his Youtube channel is here.

He is just one of many Knesset Members that I am proud to have voted for in the last election. More to come…..

Sorry About That….

I know this sounds like “my dog ate my homework”, but last week during the heavy rainstorms (and thank G-d for every drop of rain!!) there was an electrical surge in our house. The computer itself was protected, but the modem wasn’t, and we didn’t have internet for a long time. (It took us a while to figure out that it was the modem which wasn’t working).

Now I am back, hope you didn’t miss me too much….

Until 120, Almost

I came across this article by chance yesterday. It is about a group of “Superagers” – people in their 90’s and older, who also happen to be Ashkenazie Jews. Interspersed with personal interviews are some good Jewish jokes.

What struck me most about the people interviewed were their attitude to life – they were curious and involved with new things, not something you usually associate with someone who is 105! I hope I have the same attitude when I get older….

The Power of a Song

The following music video “We are the Children of Oslo – 1993” is amazing. For those of you who are familiar with Israeli culture I don’t need to explain – go watch and enjoy. For those not familiar you can go here to see the words and English translation of the original song. The original song tries to squeeze the hearts of Israelis who long for peace (as we all do), but it is used to push the “peace now” agenda by many. The “take-off” explains why this sentimentality can lead to tragedy, as we all saw since 1993.

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