Southern Israel Continues to Be Attacked – One Dead

Update 7:00 pm – It is now confirmed that the Israel Airforce killed two terrorists in southern Gaza who were about to launch rockets this afternoon.

Update 6:40 am – Grad rockets are falling now in Ashdod.

Last night I wrote that one man was hurt seriously by a Grad rocket fired into Ashkelon. The news this morning is that he died (baruch Dayan haEmet). Moshe Ami, 56 at his death and a father of four, was in his car when the Grad landed and he was hit by shrapnel.

Early this morning more mortar shells and rockets were fired into the area around Gaza.

The Israel Air Force continued to fire at terrorist targets last night.

Schools in communities within 40 kilometers of the Gaza strip will be closed today (which includes around 200,000 students!). Thanks to Israel Matzav for this map of the cities in Israel in rocket range from Gaza.


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