We Remember 9/11 Here In Israel

People around the world will remember the tragedy of 9/11 today. Here in Israel we remember too. MK’s and the deputy foreign minister will hold a ceremony this afternoon at the memorial.

Stand for Israel has a nice post up about the memorial to the victims which was dedicated two years ago. The memorial is located in a beautiful spot in the Jerusalem forest and is deeply moving in its simplicity. The American flag turns into a memorial candle, and the names of the vicitms are included. You can see this on the video below:

On a personal note, I remember feeling the very weird sensation of being worried about friends possibly hurt in America. We know someone who works very near where the Twin Towers used to be, and it took us a few days to get through to him. Reassuring others that we are ok is our usual mode. Being worried was very strange.

I also remember the feeling of shock at the videos of the planes flying into the buildings. How many times did I say to myself that “these things don’t happen IN AMERICA”. But, of course, they did. G-d  willing they will never happen  again.

In case you’ve forgotten (since it is not politically correct anymore), here is a reminder about the reaction of others. You know, the enemy.

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