War in Israel, August 26

Update:  Two kassam rockets fired into Shaar HaNegev region Friday night around 10:00 pm.

Arabs riot at the Kalandia checkpoint this afternoon, the last Friday of Ramadan. A Grad rocket explodes south of Ashkelon, no injuries reported.

We’ve entered something of a macabre routine here in Israel. The terrorists fire from Gaza into Israel. (Two mortar shells, one of which hit the Erez crossing where the Arabs from Gaza go into Israel for medical treatment. Ten kassams later last night). The IAF fires at terrorist targets in Gaza, occasionally killing terrorists as they prepare to fire rockets, and sometimes targeting a terrorist leader in his car or home. Then the terrorist leaders put out a press release that they are interested in a “lull” or “ceasefire”, which they keep for a matter of hours (at most) until they fire more rockets again.

Meanwhile the people living in the south of Israel are living between sirens, sometimes sleeping in bomb shelters so that they do not have to wake their kids and run to the shelter when there is a warning. The government is keeping an eye on the situation, trying to decide when the best time to attack will be. There have been rumors that there will be a major call up of reserve soldiers next month (not exactly a new idea, as the army has been preparing for events in September for the past year). The IDF is putting plans in place for a war on three fronts (bombs from Gaza in the south, bombs from Lebanon in the north, and riots and violence from the Arabs in Judea and Samaria).

Meanwhile the rest of the country is enjoying the last days of summer vacation, as school starts next Wednesday. This is the very strange normal/abnormal life in Israel.


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