Justifying Terror is Also Terror

Update: Larry Derfner has been fired from the Jerusalem Post (apparently hundreds of people cancelled their subscriptions).

(Hat tip – Jameel at the Muqata.) There are many journalists that I avoid reading, since they raise my blood pressure. Larry Derfner of the Jerusalem Post is one of them. He is known to not only be left wing, but to say hurtful and outrageous things. This time he has gone way too far, and it behooves us to do something about it.

He has written on his personal blog that the Arabs are justified in killing Israelis, and that we should just go ahead and admit it. A good analysis of this is found here at Commentary.

If you would like to write to Larry personally his email is lderfner@gmail.com. (I personally think it is a waste of time – people who justify terror do not listen to reason or emotional appeal). The only thing they listen to is losing their jobs.

His boss at the Jerusalem Post is Steve Lind and his email is Steve@jpost.com. If you would like to complain to the Minister of Justice (to get him tried for incitement) you can write to Yaacov Neeman at sar@justice.gov.il.

Please take the time to write an email. This is the only way to make a difference and get this guy on the unemployment line.


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  1. Yosef Hartuv
    Aug 26, 2011 @ 09:54:57

    While Larry Derfner wrote this in “Israel Reconsidered” , and not for his regular column with the Jerusalem Post, one would think there are criteria for staff writer’s public statements, that have red lines. Yet the JPost employs an Op-Ed columnist who explicitly justifies murdering Israelis, only days after the horrific attack near Eilat, and with rockets yet being launched against any citizen unfortunate enough to be in harm’s way. If he had justified future random attacks and murder of Arab citizens, or non-citizens, as a response to attacks on Jewish residents would the JPost continue to feature such a writer? If you find this disturbing and wish to contact the JPost, the contact information is as follows. Main #(02) 531-5666 Fax (02) 538-9527 For those who wish to contact Customer Service (03)761-9056 *2421

    And the JPost Feedback page http://www.jpost.com/LandedPages/Feedback.aspx

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