War in Israel, August 25


3:45 am – three more rockets fired at Israel from Gaza – two to Sderot and one to Ashkelon.

2:10 am – Two terrorists killed and 20 wounded in IAF attack of Islamic Jihad arms depot. The terrorists claim that the attack was on a  “social club” in Gaza. Earlier they had claimed responsibility for the rocket attack that wounded a nine month old baby in Ashkelon.

The IDF has evidence that some of the terrorists from last week’s attack in Eilat were Egyptians.

The rocket fire from Gaza to Israel persists. Wednesday night saw over 20 rockets fired from Gaza to Israel.

7 were fired at around 7:00 pm. The rest were fired after midnight.

One rocket hit an empty car in Ashkelon, but shrapnel from the hit hurt a nine month old baby, who was taken to the hospital and treated.

The IAF attacked terrorists firing rockets and a smuggling tunnel in Gaza.


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