What You Won’t See On My Blog

Many bloggers are including those really cool videos of the Iron Dome system blasting the rockets out of the sky before they hit Israel. I understand on one hand why they include them. They are interesting, and it is certainly good to include some “good” news on the blog in addition to the incessant listing of rocket attacks.

You won’t see them on my blog.

One, I think that the people who stand on their balconies or in their yards with their cameras aimed at the sky when the rockets are being fired are complete idiots and are endangering their lives. I for one will not encourage them to continue their irresponsible idiocy by rewarding them for making the videos.

Second, and more importantly, the terrorists are reading the blogs and Facebook just like you are. They are learning from every bit of information, and are using this information to help them improve their aim. WE ARE AT WAR – THIS IS NOT A VIDEO GAME. As I wrote yesterday, the army has already asked people to refrain from taking pictures of rocket hits and publishing them on Facebook and on their blogs. Posting videos of the Iron Dome system is the same thing. For those who will argue that the IDF posts these videos too, I point out to you that they never do this in “real time”.

“Loose lips sink ships” is not just a slogan from World War Two. It applies to every word, picture, or video that you put on your blog, tweet, facebook page, or email. Think twice (at least) before posting anything.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rutimizrachi
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 12:29:59

    As a former soldier (US) and the mother of Israeli soldiers, I am grateful to you for your sensitivity. We don’t need to give the bad guys any assistance in fighting the good guys.

  2. neshama
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 21:28:49

    This is the first time I’ve been made aware of this. Didn’t see it in the paper. Thank you for your passion and mussar. I’m going to link some of this to my blog and help spread the caution.

  3. Yosef Hartuv
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 15:51:33

    Thank you for reemphasizing this once again. I had liberally shared your earlier post concerning this, but this is something that seems to take time to sink-in, therefore justifies repetition.

  4. westbankmama
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 06:50:27

    Thank you all.

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