War in Israel, August 22

Update: The Hamas leaders are getting nervous. The military correspondents on the radio say that many of them are turning off their cell phones, and some are staying away from the evening Ramadan celebrations that are taking place in very public places. They know that as long as the rockets are falling on Israel that they have a bullseye drawn on their backs, and the IAF helicopters are looking for them.

The terrorists talk a lot about ceasefire, but it is all bluff. They do this so that when the IAF attacks terrorist bases in Gaza they can complain to the media about us. Thankfully the government and everyone else in Israel ignores what they say, and only pay attention to whether or not there are rockets fired.

The southern cities had a bad night last night. The rockets were fired all evening, and continued after midnight. Rockets were fired at Sderot right after midnight, and a Grad rocket was fired at Ashkelon at 1:20 am, which was intercepted by the Iron Dome system. A rocket has been fired already this morning into the Eshkol region.

The IAF (Israel Air Force) attacked terrorist bases in Gaza during the night.


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