War In Israel, August 21

11:30 pm – two rockets fired into western Negev

9:20pm – three kassam rockets fired at Ashkelon, one fired at Shaar HaNegev

7:10 pm – kassam rocket hits western Negev

5:00 – another rocket fired at Ashkelon.

4:20 – IAF attacks further Hamas targets in Gaza

3:45 – another rocket lands in Lachish region in Israel, no injuries reported.

12:55 – IAF attacks targets in Gaza.

11:50 – kassam rocket hits Ashkelon. Egyptians report that a rocket fired from Gaza lands in their territory.

The army requests Israelis to refrain from taking pictures of sites where rockets land in Israel and publishing them on Facebook, etc. This is very dangerous as it helps the terrorists in Gaza to improve their aim!

10:00 am – more rockets fired at Beersheva.

8:00 am – several rockets fired at Beersheva. One lands in a school gym and causes extensive damage. No injuries reported since school is still out for summer vacation.

6:30 am – three rockets are fired at the Hof Ashkelon region, seven at the Eshkol region. No injuries reported.

There was incessant rocket fire (over 55) on southern cities and towns yesterday, August 20. One man died and 11 injured, including small baby. The name of the dead man is Yossi ben Shoshan.


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