Visual Aids – Westbankmama’s Got Your Back

I wonder, do the people in Tel Aviv realize that if I didn’t live where I do, that they would probably be getting Grad rockets on their heads now? Not to mention all of the people who travel through Ben Gurion airport! How about some visual aids?

Check out this map: Click on the left to make the map take up the whole screen (the arrow on the left of “My Places”) Then pull down the cursor under the man so that you are on the eighth dot below the +, to see the whole perspective. Peduel (spelled Pedu’el on this map)is in the center of the map. Ben Gurion airport is on the lower left-hand corner. Tel-Aviv is of course just a bit more to the left (you can continue to pull the map back to get a better perspective, but Peduel gets lost. For your reference, we are just to the right of Dayr Balut). We are almost exactly 10 miles as the crow, or G-d forbid, as the rocket flies to Ben Gurion airport.

For your perspective, Gaza is 20 miles away from Ashdod and Beersheba, where most of the rockets have landed today.


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