War in Israel, August 19, Updates on Top


1:30 pmArabs riot in Jerusalem but are arrested by police.

10:00 – Names of the civilians killed yesterday: Yosef Levy, 57. Flora and Moshe Gaz, 52 and 54 respectively. Shula and Dov Karlinsky, 54 and 58. Flora and Shula are sisters. They leave behind both children and grandchildren.

9:45 am – Suicide bomber blows himself up on Egyptian side of the Philadelphia corridor (border of Gaza) and kills Egyptian soldiers.

8:30 am – The names of the civilians killed yesterday have not been released, but the radio does report that they are two sisters and their husbands from Kfar Saba.

8:15 am – Rocket fired from Gaza hits synagogue in Ashdod. Six injuries reported, one serious.

8:00 am – Rockets fired this morning from Gaza toward Ashdod and Ashelon. No injuries reported.

Summary of yesterday’s events: 8 dead altogether, 2 soldiers and 6 civilians. The names of the civilians killed have not been released yet. The funerals of the two soldiers, 22 year old Moshe Naftali from Ofra, and 49 year old Paskal Avrahami from Pisgat Zeev will take place today. Overnight the IAF (Israel Air Force) attacked terrorist targets in Gaza. They attacked Hamas cells as well as killing four members of the PRC (Popular Resistance Committee) including those in charge of ordering the terrorist attacks.

Rockets were fired from Gaza toward Ashkelon last night and were intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

The terrorists got into Israel from Gaza using the tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. The Egyptians were given permission lately to deploy 2000 soldiers in the Sinai (against the official peace treaty we have with Egypt) in order to patrol and try to stop incidents like these. The IDF will now have to rethink deploying more of our forces south. Caroline Glick has background.


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