The Next War In Israel, July Edition

Don’t you wish I didn’t have to write these posts? Don’t you wish the Jewish children living in Sderot and the other places in the south weren’t traumatized? Read here about how 70% of them are affected by the rocket fire, some severely.

As I have been doing for the past six months or so (with some breaks, thankfully), I am keeping track of the rockets and mortar shells fired from Gaza into Israel. This is in preparation for the time when Israel finally strikes back in a large way, and the world media goes bonkers blaming Israel, completely ignoring the reasons why. For the lists so far in 2011, here is January, February, March, April.  The latest attacks are on the top – and thanks to Wikipedia for the ongoing list.

July 16 – three rockets fired from Gaza, no injuries or damage reported.

July 14 – One rocket fired into Israel this afternoon (notice that the terrorists vary the times).

July 13 – one rocket fired into Shaar HaNegev in the morning.

July 12 – two rockets fired into Israel at 10:15 pm. One damages home, the other falls into open area.

July 9 – three kassams fired toward Israel. Two land in Israel – no damage reported. One fell in the Gaza strip.

July 5 – Mohammed Said and Kamal Abu Moamer, two members of the al-Qaeda-affiliated group Tawhid al-Jihad based in the southern Gaza Strip, were killed in an Israeli airstrike as they were preparing to launch a rocket into Israel from the central part of the Strip

July 3 – in the morning one rocket was fired into the Eshkol region of Israel.


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