Another Sign….

Next week there will be a nationwide drill here in Israel to prepare for war. Starting June 19 (next Sunday) various government and security agencies will practice for “emergencies”, and on Wednesday, June 22 there will be a nationwide drill – once in the morning and once in the evening. This means that a siren will go off at these times, and we all should go to the nearest bomb shelter – or safe room in our house.

I have lived in Israel for twenty years, and although there have been local drills here and there, I don’t ever remember a nationwide one. Although the IDF press release linked above is careful to use the word “emergency” – we all know what it means. War. Bombs falling everywhere in Israel.

For some reason this drill makes me feel reassured, and not stressed. I live in a country that unfortunately has a lot of experience with war. Fortunately, we have a wonderful army and people whose job it is to worry about what might happen and prepare for it, who learn from past mistakes and try to correct them. After the Gulf War in 1991 Israel passed a law that every new house built must have a “mamad” – a safe room included. My house was built in 1999. One of our bedrooms (ours, in fact) is reinforced and has a special window, so it acts as a mini bomb shelter. Next week in the evening when the siren goes off my kids need to go into mom’s room (and I hope they won’t spend the time jumping on my bed….) I see this as symbolic. When you are a kid and you have a nightmare, where do you go? Mom’s bed of course (at least that is what I did, and my kids did when they were little). Hopefully it won’t be necessary to run there for real – but we’re preparing anyway. As it should be.


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  1. rachel
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 07:30:56

    Yes, Israel does have a wonderful army, thank G-d, and I’m glad that is reassuring to you. It is reassuring to all of us. But don’t put your faith in the army, put your faith in Hashem! In Yehoshua’s time, they had a 1:1 ratio of soldiers to people learning Torah, and both protected them equally. In the end, the army will function as well as Hashem wants it to. We are all praying for Rove Oz V’Shalom (as we say in Shmoneh Esreh) for the people of Israel and its army. B’Hatzlacha!

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