Old Leftists Never Die, They Just Send Annoying Letters

I guess Bibi Netanyahu’s wonderful speech to Congress, and his jump in the polls at home in Israel were too much to bear for some people, and they needed to grab some headlines in the other direction.

This morning all three major English websites had an article about some prominent leftists who have sent a letter to the Europeans urging them to vote for a Palestinian state in the UN.

When you read the text of the articles, though, some interesting facts come to light. First, the numbers are laughable. Ynet says “more than twenty” and Haaretz says “more than a dozen” leftists signed this letter. I could fit them all around my dining room table (if they dared to come to my house, that is…)

Second, when you look at the biographies of the “notables” specified, you will see that not one is younger than 60! (Note the picture on the Haaretz site – young Arabs. I guess the real pictures would look too much like the parody of peaceniks from Laugh In).

The left wing in Israel, although prominent in academia, is a dying breed. The young people in Israel are more right wing now than they were in the past – for a very simple, but sad, reason. They grew up with suicide bombers blowing up busses. The university students of today were young teenagers when Arafat spit on the Oslo Accords, and did what he had planned to do all along – make war on Israel. They remember the riots, and the terrorist attacks at cafes and pizza parlors – and some of them even knew people who died.


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