Same Arabs, Same Sea

Yitzchak Shamir, the former prime Minister of Israel, had an expression. “The Arabs are the same Arabs, the sea is the same sea”. He used this expression when people would try to convince him that there was a chance for a “new Middle East” and that we could somehow make peace with the Arabs, distinguishing one group from another. He refers of course, to the fact that the Arabs wan’t to destroy the State of Israel and push the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea.

Today is what the Arabs call “Nakba” day – the catastrophe. They refer to the English date of the Israel Independence Day. Today they “commemorated” by doing what they did 63 years ago – trying to kill Jews.

An Arab from Kfar Kassem went on a rampage with his truck, killing a 28 year old  and injuring 17 in south Tel Aviv this morning. He rammed pedestrians, 15 vehicles including a motorcyclist, hit a bus (thankfully empty of passengers), and slammed into an iron fence guarding an elementary school. He then ran from his truck and started to hit passersby. Eyewitnesses said he was shouting “death to the Jews”. He was subdued by two Israelis and taken into custody by police.

He now says it was an “accident”.

In Gaza a group tried to go over the fence into Israel and the IDF shot at their legs, injuring some. In another part of Gaza, near the fence, a person trying to set a bomb was killed by the IDF.

In the north Arabs from Syria flying Palestinian flags crossed over the fence in the Golan and were fired upon by the IDF. Many have entered the Druze village Majdal Shams. As of this writing there are some Israelis injured and one Arab dead – although there is no confirmation yet about the numbers. Many reporters are talking about IDF’s failure here to expect this and prevent the Arabs from entering.

Arabs are also trying to enter Israel from the Lebanese border and the IDF is firing at them.

Arabs are rioting in Kalandia.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Balabusta in Blue Jeans
    May 16, 2011 @ 08:34:54

    My husband, who is not Jewish, or particularly interested in Israel except as events in Israel affect my mood, listened to my explanation of what was going on today.

    Then he said, “So, they attacked Israel, and lost, and now they’re celebrating the anniversary of that by attacking Israel and losing? Major fail.”

  2. westbankmama
    May 16, 2011 @ 14:17:45

    Balabusta – perfect sum-up!

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