Fighting on a Different Front – Debunking the Arab Narrative

Im Tirzu has done a public service once again. They have just published Nakba Charta – which in Hebrew means Nakba BS. This 70 page pamphlet  refutes the lies and distortions that the Arabs have been publicizing for decades about what happened during the Israeli War of Independence, which they call the Nakba – “The Catastrophe”. It punches holes into the narrative that too many people, including many Israelis, swallow hook, line and sinker.

The pamphlet is only in Hebrew (now). I urge those of you who can to read the original, linked above.  For those of you who do not understand Hebrew, I will just give you some of the main points in English.

The introduction explains that our war with the Arabs is being fought on the military front and the front of “justice”. We are winning the first, and unfortunately losing the second. Where in the past we were able to fight bravely against our enemies in the strong belief in the justice of our cause, now there are many who doubt. The Arab narrative has taken root especially in the “elite” of Israel – in academia, culture, and the court system. These elites have expended tremendous effort to convince the Jews to feel guilty, and are deliberately trying to blur the Jewish identity of the state of Israel. The purpose of the pamphlet is simple – to tell the truth.

1. The Arabs attacked the Jews

The authors of the pamphlet point out that they do not refute that the Arabs suffered as a result of the War of Independence. They want to point out, though, that the Arabs brought the sufferring upon themselves. The myth of the Nakba – the “Catastrophe” – is based on so many lies and distortions, that it rewrites history so that the aggressor becomes the victim, and the person defending himself against massacre becomes a war criminal.

The Arabs brought the disaster upon themselves because they attacked the Jewish state – hoping to kill every Jewish man woman and child. The Jews fought back bravely, and won.

2. They fled

The authors go on to state that the refugee problem was caused in large part by the Arab League itself. The authors point to what happened in Haifa as an example, and show that not only did a third of the Arab residents start to vacate Haifa in November of 1947 (months before the war), and that in March women and children were taken out, but that during the war itself the Arab League called the Arab residents to vacate, despite the fact that the Jews urged the Arabs to stay. The Arab League did this as a way to undermine the idea that Arabs and Jews could live together. Afterwards those who fled were warned not to return, as they would be considered traitors and would be killed.

3. Who is really a refugee?

The authors bring up two main points in this section: one, the definition of a refugee, and how this definition was changed by the UN just for the Arabs displaced by the War of Independence. First, the definition of a refugee was changed from those who live in a place and where his ancestors lived from “time immemorial” to someone who lived in a place for two years. Second, the definition of a refugee was changed  to include their descendents. Yes, you read correctly: for every other refugee the world over, the status is just for a person with a long past in a region, and the status is for the person actually displaced. But for the Arabs displaced by the War in 1948, the status has been extended to those residing in a place for just two years, and the status was granted to his children and grandchildren.  Two, the section discusses the actual statistics of how many Arabs were here at the time, and for how long – and how the Arab narrative about the numbers is exaggerated.

4. What about the Jewish refugees?

This section points out the historical fact that is ignored by most of the world – that many Arab countries in the Middle East persecuted the Jews for centuries, forcing them to flee, and many expelled the Jews outright as a result of the establishment of the State of Israel. In fact, there were 560,000 Arab refugees displaced in 1948, and 900,000 Jews displaced by Arab countries. So for every Arab refugee there are 1.5 Jewish refugees. All of the Jewish refugees were absorbed, mostly by Israel.

5. The Arabs sided with the Nazis

The last section of the pamphlet details the involvement that the Arab League had with the Nazis, including the fact that the Mufti al- Husseini toured Auschwitz with Eichman, and vowed to build similar death camps to exterminate the Jews in the Middle East. He pleaded with the European countries not to let the Jews leave and come to Israel. When he heard that the government of Hungary was to let 900 Jewish children leave, he pressured them to rescind their decision, and in the end these 900 Jewish children were sent to the death camps.

Although it is not stated explicitly in the pamphlet, the last two sections contain important information in order to challenge the Arab narrative. Those who champion the “Palestinian” cause claim that the Arabs are an innocent party, and that the UN imposed upon them the State of Israel to compensate the Jews for the Nazi Holocaust. This narrative ignores the active persecution and killing of Jews that occured in Arab countries for centuries,  the Arab riots and terrorist attacks against Jews in Israel even before the War of Independence (let alone the Six Day War), and the support of the Nazis in World War II.

I sincerely hope the whole thing is translated into English soon, and if so I will of course link to it. I also think it needs to be translated into Arabic and Persian and publicized on the internet.


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  3. MJG196
    May 19, 2011 @ 18:00:05

    Thanks for posting this summary. Im Tirtzu needs to make an effort to issue all of their publications in AT LEAST English, too.

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