I Wonder How Italy Will Vote in the UN?

An Italian peace activist and blogger/reporter (depending on how he is described) has been murdered by one terrorist organization in Gaza with a bone to pick with Hamas. It seems that Hamas arrested their leader, and in an attempt to get him released, they kidnapped Vitorio Arigoni, published a clip threatening to kill him if their leader was not released, and then proceeded to kill him shortly afterwards.

Now Hamas is worried about the bad publicity, and wants to reassure the world that it is “safe” in Gaza – hoping this won’t affect future participation in flotillas.

The irony of course is that this peace activist was virulently anti-Israel, which didn’t help him in the end to keep him safe.  I wonder how this will be spinned in Italy, and how the Italians will vote in the future if (or when) a vote comes up in the UN about declaring a Palestinian state.

The Arabs underestimate the visceral reaction that most Americans had to the pictures of their celebrations after 9/11. Statistics show that a vast majority of American support Israel over the Arabs, and this was strenghthened even more after 9/11. Granted, Europe is not America – but incidents like these do make an impression.


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  1. sarah
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 15:56:51

    But didn’t you hear? Hamas said Palestinians didn’t do this–it was an “operation” by the Mossad! Unfortunately, whatever denial they have is not plausible.

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