More Signs of Impending War in Israel

Another sign of impending war in Israel (in addition to the rockets raining down on the south – see below) is the fact that the finance committee has approved a 260 million shekel defense budget increase, earmarked to the home front.

Another curious piece of news is the fact that Israel has updated their list of places in Gaza that are considered worthy of “special sensitivity” by the IDF. These places include schools, and UN infrastructure. The publishing of this fact in the news can be seen as pro-active public relations, trying to show the world how careful the IDF really is when attacking spots in Gaza. These locations were given to the IDF by NGO’s and the Palestinian Authority.

Most of us who are skeptical know that Hamas has probably hidden their ammunition in these areas, and will use these places to launch rockets. I think that the IDF is preparing their spokesmen very well now, and that they plan to shoot videos of the terrorists launching rockets from these areas. They’ll have maps – provided by the PA no less – to prove that Hamas hides behind civilians.

The few idealists still out there may hope that Hamas will avoid using these places – not necessarily from the goodness of their hearts, of course, but out of a sense of self-protection from the bad press.

In any case, publishing this map is a good move by Israel, and another sign of impending war.


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  1. aliyah06
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 21:34:48

    But Hamas wants a cease-fire! They said so! They’ve been saying so since last week (while continually firing more weapons at us). Their newest demand, according to Arutz Sheva: any cease-fire means Israel cannot attack terror cells preparing to fire at Israel. I.e., Hamas gets a ‘free shot.’

    This is NOT a basketball game!

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