March 25 – Israel, This Is Your Life

March 25th, 2011. Today could be described as a slice of life in Israel. I wish I could say that it is an unusual day, and in some ways things are more intense than they have been for a long time, but on the other hand it can unfortunately be described as typical.

The south: Mortar shells were fired into southern Israel last night. The Israeli Airforce hits targets in Gaza. Some school districts are keeping their kids out of school today in protest of the lack of protection. The IDF is facing a very tough decision, worthy of Solomon himself. The Iron Dome defense system is supposedly ready to deploy, but it is not extensive enough to protect all of the places that need it. Where do you set it up then? Which city is more “worthy” of defense? How do you respond to the very practical, if not cold-blooded view, that this system should be used to protect the army installations in the south, so that if, G-d forbid, there is an extensive war soon (a very real possibility) the army bases will be up and running? I have always thought that those in the IDF are heroes, but sometimes this heroism takes different forms. Risking your life in battle to protect others is of course one obvious expression of heroism. Making very tough life and death decisions, and knowing that you will have to live with these decisions later, is another way that our commanders are heroes. (G-d should give them wisdom).

Jerusalem: The wounded from this week’s terrorist attack are recuperating (G-d willing), and their relatives and friends are doing what they can to help them and their families. The police are out in force today in order to secure the Jerusalem marathon, which has been planned of course for more than a year, and is going on as planned, despite the security threats. Meanwhile the Shin Bet (internal intelligence in Israel, versus the Mossad which is the international intelligence service) is continuing its search for the terrorists involved in the bombing earlier this week.

Itamar, Neve Tzuf, and Jerusalem: The relatives of the Fogel family who were murdered two weeks ago in Itamar are trying to do the impossible – get back to everyday life, while mourning their loved ones. The Shin Bet and the IDF are still pursuing the terrorists.

Peduel: March 25 is a Friday, and it is also the 19th of the Hebrew month of Adar II. This means that the Sabbath is coming at the end of the day, and the holiday of Passover is coming in a few weeks. The radio is on, and I have one ear cocked to hear the news (I need to update my running list of attacks in the south, after all). My cholent is cooking on the stove, and the chicken is prepared and ready to put in the oven. I am also starting to clean a bedroom for Passover – doing what Jewish women all over the world do this month, as this religious deadline waits for noone.

Israel, this is your life: preparing for war, recuperating from terrorist attacks, and getting on with normal – Jewish – life.


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  1. Batya
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 21:33:03

    When I read about what the Japanese are going through…

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