It’s Not the Nature, It’s the Nurture

I grew up in a family that taught me not to be racist, and to judge others as individuals. This liberal education served me well, and I adhere to it to this day.

Visiting Israel, and afterwards living here, has taught me an additional lesson though. That lesson is that even if you don’t judge a person by his skin color, or religion, or ethnicity – you do have to take into account the culture that he grew up in, because it may have affected him, to the point where he may be dangerous.

This is why if I find myself waiting for a ride to my yishuv in a place where I am alone with an Arab, I do not necessarily think he will harm me, but I don’t discard the possibility either (and I make sure to be in phone contact with someone else until I am safely away from there).

Palestinian Media Watch has put out a report called “Kill a Jew – Go to Heaven”, which details the incitement that Arabs are exposed to by the Palestinian Authority. I do not know how much this incitement affects every Arab that is exposed to it, although it is hard to imagine how children can ever grow up to think anything else than Jew hatred when it is broadcast to them at every opportunity, including in childrens’s television programming. It does explain, though, how futile it is to try to make peace with the Arabs, when this incitement is allowed to continue.


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  1. Creed Of Noah
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 10:38:44

    Please add this to your blogroll (& encourage your fellow bloggers to add my blog or add it to their social networking sites) to help spread the awareness of encouraging acts of goodness & kindness among ALL people. Appreciated!

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