Why Do Babies Need to Die For Us To Remember Who We Are?

Why do babies have to die for us to remember who we are? In response to the horrible terrorist attack in Itamar where two parents and three children were murdered in cold blood by Arabs, our government has decided two things.

One, the IDF will apprehend the terrorists without the “help” of the Arab “security forces” (who have been involved in the past in terrorist activities themselves). Which means, clearly, that even the government has to admit that they can’t really trust them to do the job. Which means, clearly, that the whole concept of Arab “security forces” is a complete farce.

Two, the government has (finally) approved building homes in Judea and Samaria, in Maaleh Adumim, Gush Etzion, and Ariel. This is the classic Zionist response to terror – telling the Arabs clearly that terrorism doesn’t pay, and that they lose whenever they kill Jews.  We have been pushing the government to approve this building for months, ever since the official freeze has been over, to no avail. Now, after innocent children have been killed, the approval comes. Suddenly they have the backbone to tell the Americans to go jump.

As I have written before, we shouldn’t have to make a down payment in Jewish blood in order get support.

Here is a link to a clip on Youtube explaining what happened in Itamar last night. At the end it contains very graphic pictures of the bodies. I couldn’t bring myself to embed it on my blog, but I think it is important for adults to see this. Remember, this is what the 12 year old surviving daughter saw as she came into her house on Friday night after her youth group.


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