Some Beautiful Music

I haven’t posted a music video in a long time, but here is one that gives me goosebumps. First, for those of you not familiar with Hebrew, here is a translation of the song into English:

Mai Nahar (River Waters)
Flowing waters of the river
These are the days of your life
The waters of your life
Washed in the current
That begins with the first rain

Flowing water of the river
These are the streams of water
That will reach an anguished desert
With the falling silence

Even if I drink the entire ocean
It will not quench my thirst
For another day close to you
For another day in your arms
Even if I sit under the sun
Her rays will not burn me
As my heart burns in the flames of your love

This time it is not the Idan Reichel project but Idan Reichel and India.Arie. (This is kol isha folks – and anyone who is puzzled why the voice of a woman is considered attractive to men needs only to listen to this woman sing to understand). Enjoy – it literally brought tears to my eyes!


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