“It’s Better To Have Bullets”

Excellent analysis of the situation in Egypt by Ben Hartman is found at the Jerusalem Post, where he proposes that in a war between twitter and bullets, the bullets win.

 The latest headline is that the White House is trying to broker a deal where Suleman will take over for now. Which probably means that, when the reporters go home and the international media turns to another topic, the secret police will continue to seek out and “take care of” those who they think were the leaders of the protestors.

You cannot get rid of a dictatorship with peaceful protests. Which means whoever controls the army will decide what happens in the country, unless another country is willing to put boots on the ground in order to help. The United States will definitely not do this, especially with Obama in the White House. The only time the US will do something like this is to protect its own interests also.


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    Feb 08, 2011 @ 01:47:53

    Financial industry will have to cope with its general public preception.

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